Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1 month

Our little Leah is 1 month old! We just love having her be part of our family. She has brought such a sweet spirit into our home. I can't believe how blessed we are to have her.  She is growing so much already. I'm afraid all of her cute newborn rompers aren't going to fit her too much longer.

She is a really good little baby. Unfortunately, I got mastitis and that was awful. We are still figuring out the whole breast feeding thing, but it's going so much better than it was. It was rather terrible there for a while. I think she is hitting another growth spurt because it seems like all she wants to do is eat, eat, eat!

She is much more alert now, and a strong little girl. She likes to hold her head up for quite a while, and is a little mover. She is always kicking and moving around. She doesn't like to be swaddled anymore. In fact it drives her crazy and no matter how tight I do it, she fights it until she get's free.

She does pretty good with tummy time and is sleeping fairly well. She still wakes up every 3-4 hours at night, but that's to be expected. Hopefully next month she will be able to sleep for longer stretches! I have been having terrible head aches every day for the last 6 or 7 days. I'm not sure why, since i've been eating well and drinking a ton. Hopefully they will go away soon!

I love having a girl and picking out little outfits and headbands for her to wear. She sure is a sweet little thing.

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