Sunday, April 26, 2015


So check out this disaster. The boys were in the tub. I was sitting right at the kitchen table diligently focusing super hard on drawing a picture of a giraffe for Layton. Since my art skills aren't so awesome, I was concentrating super hard. haha. Well the boys were splashing in the tub, but I thought I had shut the curtain so didn't really pay attention to it and of course, that giraffe needed all my attention...... I didn't even glance over.... that is until.....the water was to the kitchen!!!! ahh!!! How did I seriously not even look over? The boys know better not to splash so they got in big trouble. So I swatted their bare butts and all they did was laugh and say, "haha mom that didn't even hurt" so that got my blood boiling! but at the same time I was just laughing on the inside..... kids.... can't live with them can't live without them! They got in some more trouble but then ran around the house yelling, "i'm naked, i'm naked" and laughing their heads off. Man nothing was going to keep these boys down. They were like in the happiest, funniest mood ever. We cleaned it up together and then they started asking me... "Mom, we are really sorry.... will you forgive us??" Oh gosh those boys melt my heart. I told them I would always forgive them, because I love them, but that they should always try hard to do what was right.

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