Friday, February 6, 2015


The past few months the boys have been in this "we don't like girls" phase. It's silly and they even go so far as to not want to play with their cousin Maia, because she is a girl. It's silly... usually with little Maia it won't last too long and they will play with her for hours..... but anyway......

On Sunday, one of the Young Women in our ward was sitting behind us, and Kasen really wanted to go sit with her, but he didn't want to go by himself. He kept telling me to go with him, but of course i'm not going to play musical chairs during Sacrament to please my 4 year old, so I told him i wasn't going to go with him but he could ask Layton.

K: Layt! Come with me and let's go sit with that girl behind us.
L: NO! She's a girl!
K: I know....... but she's not wearing a tutu!

apparently that's the deal breaker... whether the girl is wearing a tutu or not! haha! made me laugh

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Teija said...

Oh my heck!! They are so hilarious! Can't wait to see you!