Sunday, January 11, 2015

They Keep us Laughing

Today in church Layton was watching the Deacons pass the sacrament and he saw one of the boys and he said, "Mom, I like that chubby boy." lol what? where the heck did that come from?

Today in church a lady was bearing her testimony and she was crying. Layton asked why she was crying. I explained that sometimes when we feel the Holy Ghost in our hearts we feel happy and it makes us cry. He says, "But mom I have the Holy Ghost in me and i'm not crying. Because I am really brave." Cute kid.

The boys got CTR rings today in primary. Thomas asked Kasen what it meant and he said, "Choose the other." Close buddy.... he got it afterwards though and they kept telling me that they are going to choose the right. :)

Tonight we were looking for the remote for the TV and we told the boys whoever finds the remote would get a quarter.... well I found the remote and Layton says..."Mom you get to have a quarter... I'll go get it for you....... from Kasen's piggy bank." lol. cracked us up.

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