Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Us Lately

Today Thomas had the day off and so we took advantage of it. We took the boys to preschool and then got to go to the temple. Then we shared a lunch special at costa vida...mmmmm it was good. My friend watched the boys for a couple extra hours so we were able to do both. It was fun.

I love going to the temple and just feeling the peace that it brings. It was our first time going to the newly renovated Ogden temple. It's really pretty and i'm glad that we got to go. It's so important to make it a priority. Wish I had a picture.

Things have been busy lately. I taught preschool last week, was in charge of activity days (my calling at church), and am on the relief society super Saturday committee, so that's busy too. I'm taking two classes right now. A Doctrine and Covenants class and a parenting class. I'm so glad I only took 5 credits this semester. Last semester about did me in, and even though this semester is fairly easy I still feel drained of it and procrastinate more than I should.

Thomas is starting a kind of new/different job. He is still at his old job and taking xrays but the imaging quality specialist over all of Intermountain Healthcare asked if he would be interested in doing a training type job where he trains different clinics and insta care with a new system they are implementing. We aren't really sure why they sought him out (we think a high recommendation from his manager) and they were looking for some PRN tech's cause they new they could make their schedules work. Anyway it's kind of awesome because they reimburse fuel, pay for meals, and hotels. So i'm SUPER excited for Thomas to hopefully get a hotel sometimes with a pool and me and the boys can go play and travel with him sometimes. He has a bring training in SLC Wednesday and Thursday and then he starts training the clinics in Logan first. We think this will be a good opportunity, and his manager is really happy he took the position and she said it will open a lot of doors and looks really good on a resume. It looks like it will be full time hours for the first two weeks of every month then he will continue doing xrays the other two weeks.

We are excited for Halloween coming up. We are doing a party this weekend at Thomas' mom's house that should be lots of fun. I love Halloween stuff. :)

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