Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some Things I Want to Remember

Today was such a good/different day and some things I randomly want to remember.

We woke up around 8! Awesome! Boys were still sleeping and Thomas didn't have to be to work till 5 pm.... We talked and whatever, then around 8:45 am Thomas was looking at his schedule and said he works from 5-9 tomorrow. And i said no you did 9-9 tomorrow. He said no it's 5-9, so then I said well what? What do you work today then? He looked and it was 9-9 TODAY. I have no idea how we mixed that up, but BOTH of us had been planning the whole day before according to him going to work at 5. lol. I've never seen him hurry so fast in my whole life. haha. So he got dressed,  brushed his teeth, grabbed some toast and was out the door in like 5 minutes.

Layton didn't wake up till 9:30 am.

Now get this.... Kasen didn't wake up until 11:10 am..... whhhaaaattttt??? It was so crazy. He has been consistently waking up at 6:30 or 7 the last 6 weeks or so. He came in our room at eight, but I rolled over and he laid by me and fell asleep, and ya, didn't wake up till after 11. It was the craziest thing ever.

The boys were SO happy all day long. They must have really needed that extra sleep.

-The other day we saw some pigeons on the telephone wire, and Kasen yells, "Mom, look the pigeons are on their pooping station!!" haha it made me laugh. I swear though, everything is all about poop lately. They always try to laugh or make jokes about poop or pooping.... boys, boys, boys.

-Every morning when Layton gets up he comes and snuggles with me and I say, "Hey Layton! Did you have good sleeps?" and every morning he says. "Mom, I dreamed....." and then he will tell me all about his dreams. They are so funny and different every morning. This morning he dreamed their was a bunch of good kids, and then their was a fire, and everyone jumped over the fire and were safe.

-It was really quiet so I went to check on them. They had gone out side and were playing in the van (guess i forgot to lock it), and they were pretending they were going to the ocean. The car seats were in the back but they put their little lawn chair on the middle two seats in the van. They had all their beach toys in the trunk, and snacks. lol They had "seen" whales, and dolphins and octopus and sea horses and star fish so far at the "ocean".

-I had a bad head ache tonight so I pulled their mattresses into the living room and turned on a movie for them. After about an hour I came out from laying down, and they had taught themselves how to jump off couch, onto mattress and do a summersault/flip. They've done it before, but they've mastered it now.

-I got called to be an activity days leader on Sunday. Thomas had to work. I was holding Kasen who was sleeping and I was in talking with the Bishop then randomly Layton says, "Bishop! When I was a little baby, I pooped on my Dad!" hahaha. The bishop was like, "Ya that happens sometimes huh?"


Annie said...

Loving all the updates! Your little family is so cute and it looks like you're enjoying your new home in Utah! Love you and miss you! See you soon!

Janae Trogdon said...

such great memories! gotta love those days! your family is just so cute.