Tuesday, July 22, 2014


After spending a good five hours at the lake we drove around to try and find a cheap campsite away from people, so we headed north. We ended up finding an amazing place, that was gorgeous. Had a fire pit, picnic table, huge area, creak running through it and best of all there were no signs anywhere for any fee. We settled in, set up our tent, made a fire, ate dinner, threw rocks in the stream and then around 9 pm a guy came and asked us to pay the 18$ fee.... WHAT? It didn't say anywhere about paying anything and I tell you what paying to go camping is the most absurd thing. Growing up in Canada, ya, no way we ever paid to go camping, it's almost as bad as paying for fire wood.... I mean who does that??? It's crazy people, absolutely crazy. anyway being the cheap skates we are, we packed up everything and went home. I wish we would have just paid it but oh well, we had fun while it lasted. 
Ok I seriously never knew places like this existed in Utah. Does this look like Utah to you?? NOPE! Nada. No way. North Ogden and area is so pretty and green!!!

This awesome rock was in our campsite by the stream.


Beautiful little stream

Kasen throwing rocks? Who woulda thought. Ya this place was perfect for us.

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