Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A New Commandment

Choice 5: John 13:34–35. A New Commandment

  1. According to John 13:34–35, how can others know if we are disciples of Jesus Christ?
  2. If we love one another Christ will know that we are his disciples.
  1. List some specific ways a disciple of Jesus Christ might respond in the following situations (in accordance with John 13:34–35):
    • Someone you know is ridiculed or made fun of because of the way he or she dresses. As a disciple of Christ I would show love for that person. I would also tell that person how valued they are and that the outward appearance means nothing in the sight of God and it shouldn't matter to anyone else either.
    • You see a new person at church. As disciples of Chrst we need to always welcome those who we do not recognize at church. Having lived in 8 different wards and visited numerous amounts of different wards, I personally know the difference a warm welcome, a smile and an introduction can do. As members, even if we don't know if the person is new, visiting, an investigator or has been in the ward for 6 months, if you don't recognized them, introduce yourself, help them feel included and loved, welcome them warmly. This shows love for our brethren.
  2. Ponder the question, “Do people know that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ by the way I treat them?” Select a family member, coworker, or neighbor and make a short list of things you can do during the coming week to show him or her the kind of love the Savior would show. Then follow through with what you wrote down.                       -write a nice note the person, complement them, offer to help them with something, tell them the things that I like about them, show kindness and understanding to them.

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