Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Thanksgiving

My good friend Ranae had her baby boy while we were down there for Thanksgiving. She had a cute little boy, 3 weeks early, and they named him Jake. Happy for her, and glad that I got to see her. :)
Shopping at DI. Thomas found a few things for way cheap and I got a big 4 dollar purse, which im planning on using for a diaper bag one day.
I was so excited that we were able to get together with a bunch of my cousins one night. The boys fell asleep on our way to Karli's house, so they were pretty grumpy when we got there and they woke up. We let them chill and watch movies on our phone, so we could selfishly play games and have a good time without paying too much attention.
Some of the gang
Almost all of us, minus like everyones kids.
Kara, Kasey, Garyn, Thomas,Me Korlyn, Tiffany, Karli, Jill, Layne, Kara
I also got a new little nephew while we were down there. Can't believe I got to visit two new little ones. Aaron and Marissa welcomed their cute little Drew into their family a couple days before Thanksgiving. It was hard in some ways to hold these new little bundles of joy, but its ok.
What a little turkey.
Luke Max Kasen Layton.
Cousins hanging out together
There was this little shooting place at Scheels as well. Layton sat there holding that gun, for at least a good solid twenty minutes. So cute.

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Marissa said...

We are so happy we got to see you guys while you were down here. It's always a treat!