Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 Last Friday our good friends in the ward, The Bairs, took us boating. They have four kids, and the boys love em all. I think Jillian, the cute little 3 yr old blonde. you'll see in some pics, is their best friend. The three of them love playing together all the time It was such a blast and we were so glad they invited us out. The lake here is so stinking warm. love it. Here comes another post of tons of pictures. :)

Layton boy enjoying some speed at the back of the boat

Scoping out the view up front

The boys had so much fun, and ask me every day if we can go boating.

Cool dude. LOVE that i finally got some really cute pics of my Layton!!
What a handsome little guy.
and of course my handsome husband. He tried water skiing for the first time and did great at it!!!
nice job!!!! Lookin good!!!

Most everyone got out and just swam for a bit. Kasen loving the water with his Daddy.

We stopped at this little 'beachy' area that was a really steep hill. kiddos all loved climbing up it

well for the most part..... Layton got a bit scared when the sand was kind of taking him down the hill not up.
there we go..... just sittin and takin a break
Kasen and Jillian braving it all the way to the top.

35 1/2 weeks pregnant, loving the water. :)

So fun to see the boys making cute little friends.... they really are such good friends.

Sliding down on their bums. it was pretty steep and so was fun on the way down!!!

First round out on the tube, after skiing.

Layton driving the boat. Pleased as punch. loving life.

having fun!!

Good job driving sweetheart, Layton!

Now Layton joined in on the fun
man boys look so grown up! Kasen sitting all by himself :)

Love the wind-blown-wet hair. haha glad I captured these moments

and yes... even I went out for a ride!! haha

Kasen taking his turn at the wheel. Thanks kyle for letting the boys drive!!they felt pretty important!

oh my goodness love this one.. I think someone needs a haircut soon!

Layton got all snuggly with me on the ride back to the dock

"got the wind blowing in my hair"

"wooooohooooo" crazy.
snugglin with his momma!

Kasen has totally starting doing this weird half smile thing. haha it's so funny. and still oh
so cute. he looks a little crazy! electric hair or something

Yup i'm married to that guy :)

me and my boys
with another baby on the way, i'm realizing that these moments with just us are coming to a bitter/sweet end. I feel like it's been just us forever. I am so excited for baby to come, but am enjoying my time with just these two little loveable boys, for a little longer. We have gotten eachother through the thick and thin of the last few years. yes boys, i love to pieces.
when was the last time we got a picture of all four of us?????
oh my goodness i'm so blessed......


Lana said...

Super cute and loads of fun!!! You look great and man do the boys ever seem so grown up. It's crazy!! We love and miss you guys. Good luck with the baby.

Janae Trogdon said...

looks like so much fun! Sure love you guys and cant wait to meet the new little boy!

Marissa said...

Ahhh boating. Such a wonderful, wonderful thing!