Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Potty Training

Everyone and their mom tells you to 'wait' until your kids are ready to potty train, and I more or less agree with the notion. I tried potty training a couple times, but they really were NOT ready. However, sometimes I think we underestimate that they CAN do it. Ready or not I decided that I was not going to have three kids in diapers, and that I was not going to pay for two swim diapers a day once the pool opens up. With my new found motivation I started about 10 days ago.
Kasen took to it basically instantly. He only had one accident the 2nd day, and that was because we were out on a walk. The third day he had a couple, but after that, he's been great!! He just tells me whenever he needs to go, and he never has accidents. He always stays dry during naps, and usually most nights too! Last night, he even woke up at 1 and came and got me cause he had to go potty. Crazy amazing. He is such a champ with it. Was so amazed at how easy he was to potty train. I didn't think he even ready then wa bamb, he was good after a few days.
Layton has struggled with it a bit more, but he is still doing really good. I think it's just easy for me to compare because of how quickly Kasen caught on. Layton is doing great though, but I have had to find a few different things that have worked better for him. He is very stubborn about it being HIS idea to go. He gets so mad, yelling and screaming if I try to force him onto the toilet. Even when I ask if he has to go potty, he gets a big scowl and grumpy about it. However, if I ask right at the right moment, when he really does have to go,  he jumps up and yells, "LETS GO". but then he has to do it himself, and he tells me and Kasen to, "go away". He always remembers #2 to go into the toilet, but sometimes holds his  pee pee so long that eventually he just can't hold it any longer and has an accident. If I ask him too frequently he gets pretty mad. He's been having 1 accident a day, sometimes 2 or 3, but today and yesterday he's been 0 . So we are getting there, he should be pretty consistent soon, at least i'm hoping so.
One idea that I came up with was I got treats and stickers etc for if they go pee, and then I bought a bunch of little stuff at the dollar store, for if they go #2.. (Bubbles, playdough, crayons). I wrapped them up in wrapping paper and if they go #2 in toilet they get a present. I don't think I would really recommend that for twins. Especially if one is catching on faster, Kasen was getting presents left and right for the first couple days, and it was hard for Layton to understand.
Layton eventually got a present for going poo poo and he got play dough. We made little balls with the play dough and practiced throwing them into the bowl. Fun fun.

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