Thursday, May 30, 2013

28 Weeks

May 28th I was 28 Weeks
I'm feeling fine, but third trimester uncomfortableness is kicking in. It's no fun bending over, tying shoes, picking up toys, cleaning up messes etc. but it comes with the territory. Baby is a real mover!! Anytime I lay down it's a party in my tummy. I've been loving the weather. It's been nice and cool (high 60's) lately. Some people are complaining, but I know the hot weather will be here soon enough and i'm enjoying not dying of heat.
We've decided on the perfect name for baby.... but are going to keep it a secret :) Gotta keep the suspense alive right?

I'm starting to freak out a bit, with our lack of baby stuff. I have a boppy pillow. That's it. No crib, stroller, car seat, clothes, blankets, burp rags, binkies etc. We have nothing. Yes, we do have arrangements for quite a few things, but still we have nothing HERE. A lot is in Rexburg, or at my sisters... which is fine, ill get everything from Teija soon enough, just makes me a little anxious. I mean I still have time, but what if he comes early? Hopefully within the next month we can get some more things in order for baby boy, and i'll feel a bit more prepared! I was just reading my sister in law's blog, and she wrote that they have everything ready except a name, i'm afraid we are complete opposite. We've got the name and nothing else. haha!

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Ranae Broadhead said...

u are so tIny! what happened to all your stuff from the boys!? we could make blankets and burp rags while we are there! they are easy :)