Monday, November 26, 2012

Toddler Beds

Have I mentioned lately anything about that really neat guy that I married?
Wowsers.. i'm his #1 fan.

While away for Thanksgiving, Thomas made this Toddler bed!!!!!
It's perfect.
It's adorable.
It means my babies are little boys.
Oh my heck I just love this bed.  I love tucking them in at night. I love walking in in the mornings and seeing them there. I love that they can just walk into my room in the mornings if i'm not up. I love that they are using the jean quilts I made them for their birthday last year. Doesn't it look good? I just can't even get over the fact that I MADE that quilt and Thomas MADE that bed all by ourselves. There is something really neat about making and creating things. So much satisfaction!

This is the other bed that my sister gave to us. Thomas used this as a reference while making the other one, so he could get it as close as possible. Also, notice my other jean quilt I made:)

How stinkin cute?

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Crystal White said...

The beds and the quilts are both amazing!!! I need to go get Dan some more tools lol