Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

The boys and I spent thanksgiving at my sister's in OR. Yes, just my little boys. It was a hard decision, but I left Thomas for a whole week and ventured out as a 'single mom' once again.  My sister, Tyanna, picked us up and we travelled with her. Unfortuneatly of course, I forgot my camera.... no pictures at all :(

Monday- We did play dough and made sugar cookies. Monday night we watched some mormon movies about thanksgiving for Family Home Evening and talked about some things we are thankful for.

Tuesday- While the kids napped us girls went to Walmart to get some groceries and fabric to make toques with. That evening, Teija, Me, Emree (5) and Tacey (3) went and watched Brooklyn (10) play some basketball. We got some pizza for dinner and we started making toques, cutting out fabric and all making all the pieces needed. Teija worked on sewing the first one and figuring out the pattern. It ended up being a little tricky at first, but around midnight we finished the first one. yay! It was so fun laughing all night with my sisters.

Wednesday-This morning we spent mostly the WHOLE day making like 15 more toques, taking care of all the munchkins and laughing and talking as sisters. We finally finished all the toques shortly after a couple other siblings showed up. Janae and Ezra (with their families) got there around 3. We had Spaghetti for dinner and talked till late.

Thursday- We went and did a couple of service projects for a widow in their ward, and an elderly couple. We raked and filled bags and bags of leaves, and pulled out some apple trees. It was fun to let the kids run around, and good to be in the fresh crisp air working. When we got home, since it was such a nice, sunny, fairly warm day, we had a hot dog and marshmallow roast. Then it was naps for the kids (I even snuck in a little one) and more thanksgiving dinner preparation. Dinner was WONDERFUL over course, and we had some amazing pies and ice cream for dessert! Thanks Teija and Brooklyn! 
We talked all night. It started with all the adults, but one by one each spouse hit the hay. The five of us siblings Teija, Ezra, Tyanna, Janae and I stayed up till 2:30 am talking. Can't remember when or if that has ever happened.

Friday- We went to the church gym to let the kids run around. It was a great idea, and everyone had a good time. Well.... mostly.... my boys W.E.R.E.......A.W.F.U.L  ..... crying, whining, screaming, fighting, everything. We were in the hallways about 90% of the time. Every time I tried to go back in the gym they would freak out. sigh.... was a long morning. We had burritos and taco salad for dinner. We had another fun night of talking and visiting.

Kasen got a cough cold over the last couple days. We went to bed around 11:30 woke up at 12:30 am coughing and crying like mad. For the next two hours he wouldn't go to sleep. He wouldn't lay down without screaming, he wouldnt lay down with me, unless I sat up with him, he would cry if i tried to lay down. At 2:30 am I tried to lay him down again, because I was feeling sick from stress and exhaustion but he screamed. It should be noted that if we had beeen at home he would have been in major trouble for acting like this. I mean he had a cough but he wasn't dying for pete's sake! Anyway my dear sister came and took him at 2:30am to try and get him to sleep and I had a little break down. He never did..... and since I couldn't sleep because I was listening for him so earnestly and feeling guilty for my sister having him at 2:30 am. Anyway finally around 3:15 am I came and took him since he wouldnt sleep. Eventually at 3:45 am after giving him a cookie we fell asleep on the living room floor. 6:00 am came a little early when Layton and a few other neices/nephews woke up bright and early. SO TIRED! ha!

Saturday- We lounged around most the morning. Watched a lot of movies throughout the morning and played outside with the dog and watching the chickens. We also went on a little walk. That afternoon everyone went swimming. We stayed home though. The boys really needed a nap, I forgot my swimming suit and ya all around didn't want to go. Glad eveyone else got to though. After swimming, Ezra and Janae left. I made home made chicken noodle soup for dinner...mmmmmm... so good. Then we played settlers and ate left over pie and had a wonderful last night together. We left Sunday morning.

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