Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mom will take care of it

This morning I was hanging out with the boys and Layton was getting some warnings.  He was trying to stuff pencil crayons and other object under the couch, behind the couch, under door ways, and under cushions. After a few times of telling him no, I told him, "Layton you better not do that again or you're going to have a time out...." He slyly as watching me, slowly starts acting like he's gonna do it again, and.....
Kasen comes up to me and says, 'Mom, mom mommmmmm.... WAYTON, GO... wayton time out.. time out! mom mom mommmmmm, wayton spankin. spankin. spankin." haha, He was trying to get me to give him a spankin or time out.. it was just so cute though... I had to remind Kasen that ' mom would take care of it.'

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