Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 83- My Home/ Childhood

Well as we all know, my parents sold their house. This is the house I grew up in and my Dad built in 1991. So we lived in it for 21 years. This is going to be an incredibly long post with lot's of details and memories. I just wanted to get this all down somewhere, and well what better place than my blog? I will probably do posts in segments though as I have way to much to write and too many pictures to do all at one time. Each picture is going to trigger memories for me, and I am going to be writing them all done. There will be a ton i'm sure. What can I say I am a pretty sentimental girl.

This is  birds eye view of my house, barn, barn yard, hay yard etc.
*I remember learning to ride my bike on the drive way there. One of my brothers was teaching/helping me, I think Amron. I remember thinking where is my Dad? He is supposed to do be the one helping me. Just then my Dad came from the barn where he was working on something, and helped me learned to ride my bike. It was a blue and green bike. I remember being really confident once he came, and him pushing me really hard and yelling just keep pedalling! haha
*The hay reminds me of playing tag on top of the hay bales. We would spend hours out there running on top and jumping from row to row. It was as easy as eating pie. Kind of freaks me out now. 
*We would play hide and seek between the bales too, especially when the hay was tarped and the tarps came really low. *I remember one time, Mom asked me to go out and husk some corn. What better place to do it then on top of the hay bales? I took the big bag of corn up top and husked, and thinking how awesome life was. I was probably 8 or 9.  Then I threw all the husks to the cows.

* This field reminds me of running on my horse Sahara.
*I also got chased by a bear further to the left of this picture.. I boogied home as fast as my horse would go. I also remember crusin through the fields on the fourwheeler. Nice warm evenings, fresh smell of hay etc
*The pathways on the field remind me of the hours and hours of hauling hay. That's what the 'pathways' (can't think of a better word) are from. 
*The shavings in the barn yard remind me of playing king of the castle with Janae and Tyanna and sledding down them in the winter with Thomas and Janae.
*The lawn would take about 3 hours to mow. I loved doing it on hot summer days. There were a lot of hours spent on the lawn mower.
*We built lots of forts in the trees in the background.
*The silage bales to the right remind me of running down them leaping from one to one and counting how many bales were in the row for my Dad.
*Can't forget the hours and hours of swathing, raking and bailing in the fields.
*Thomas proposed to me a little farther to the left of this picture.
*Flower beds- not really going to miss weeding all those for hours and hours and hours

 This just shows the beauty of where I grew up.
*Me and my friends and cousins would go all over the country on fourwheelers, horses, dirt bikes etc, with wide open spaces like this.
*I remember going horse back riding all the time. Just me and my horse, Sahara, holy cow I will never forget those warm summer nights, with just me and her. Running through the fields, walking through the trees
*Whenever I went riding with friends or family, we would always play tag by ripping the leaves off of the trees and throwing them at each other So fun!
*My bedroom was upstairs- left window in pic- I would always sit out on the roof and write in my Journal while the sun was setting.
*We would jump off the roof onto the trampoline.
 My beautiful Home.
*Winter- ski-dooing, tubing, saucering all around in the fields.
*Parties galore. Our house was the house where everyone always came. I rarely went to friends house, cause they usually came to ours. I am so grateful I had a home that was open to everyone and that people liked coming over. We were always feeding friends and family, and socializing!
*Christmas time. Family get togethers.
*Putting up Christmas lights every year in the freezing cold.

 The Barn
*Before the barn was a barn, it was actually our house. I don't remember living in it, I was two when Dad built the new one, but I do remember my brothers saying, "Kayla our house is going to be a barn." I didn't believe them and remember being so mad at them for saying that there were going to be cows and horses and pigs in our house. I was so confused and thought I was going to have to live -literally- in the barn, which was actually our house, with the animals.
*When I was probably five or six my twin brothers dared my to go sit on our milk cow. We were standing right there by that fence post and they kept egging me on. I told them she would stand up, and chase me. They assured me that she was asleep and I was too little for her to even notice I was on her. I eventually did it. Scared outta my mind, I crept up behind her, (she was really tame, and probably was sleeping). I hopped on and she stood up super fast and I fell straight the ground, and then ran as fast as I could to the fence. I thought she would charge me and kill me or something. I ran to my brothers who were laughing their heads off at me. I remember hating them SO bad.
*Obviously all the cow milking and doctoring.
*One time a cow died in the middle of the night and it was so cold, she literally like froze with her leg sticking out through a couple fence railing things. Dad had to saw her leg off, cause even with trying to pull her out with the tractor he couldn't get her out without majorly damaging the stall.
*Sometimes the snow would get so high on the side of the barn from Dad plowing,we could almost walk right up to the roof. I remember climbing up there and jumping off into the snow banks.
*Snow also reminds me, sometimes it would drift so bad and high that the cows would walk over the fences and get out.
*There were a few times we had to spend the night at my Aunts, because we couldn't get in the driveway from all the snow


Unknown said...

A gorgeous home and beautiful childhood. :) Thanks for sharing a little bit about YOU!

Jessica Hall said...

aw, I loved your house! This post makes me miss all those Summers that I spent up there. Hope all is well with your cute family, miss you!

Rachel said...

I never grew up like that, but for some reason this post made me nostalgic. It sounds a lot like the way my mom grew up, maybe that's why. Either way, makes me wish I was living that kind of life right now. :) Sounds wonderful.

Marissa said...

I love that you wrote all this stuff down. What a precious thing for your kids to read someday to learn more about your life up there. I got teary eyed looking at all of it. I'm gonna miss that place...already do.