Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 67- These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Layton- his laugh is sooo contagious, he was laughing so hard when I was out chasing him around on the grass this evening.
Layton-Just the look of concentration when he was trying to take off his jeans today, so stinkin cute!
Layton- He grabs a toy car or anything really, puts it behind his back and asks." wherd e go" (where did it go), then brings it out and says, "thertis" (there it is)

Kasen- I pulled up to the apt after visiting teaching. He saw me and his whole face just beamed and he ran to me with his arms in their air, and of course his huge smile, shining eyes and adorable dimples
Kasen- we are sitting down for dinner and he goes "MOM! Chicken!! mmmmmmmmm"
Kasen- I tuck the boys in and am leaving the room when he yells, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" How did I forget to give him kisses?

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