Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 74- Mischief

Last night, after a long chaotic day, we put the boys down to bed. It's quiet. Thomas and I sit on the couch to relax for a minute, and we talk about how good they went down, and that they never even made a peep. We sigh and enjoy the moment. A few minutes later we here "OWIE" from Layton... We go in their room to see whats up... They had both climbed out of their play pens and Kasen had hit Layton on the head with one of his cars or trucks they were playing with. haha Those little stinkers! I can't believe how sly and quiet they were.... Kasen fell asleep, but Layton did it again a few minutes later... I seriously can't get over their mischievousness, and its only just beginning.... they aren't even two yet!

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