Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Scary

Surprisingly we did make it out this year for Halloween. The boys and I were all sick all weekend
so we couldn't go to our ward halloween party :(.... On monday (halloween)
we almost didn't do anything, but then I decided to get my butt in gear
and go have some fun, so we did. We dressed up the boys with
costumes from DI (8$ total). i love them!

Someone handed out glow sticks at one of the places we stopped at. Kasen and Layton
loved them. I just love this picture. kasen looks so out of it, and so tired.
Our courageous lion.....(that's his between laughing and crying look.)

and brave firefighter
                          ya last minute we dressed up like.... wait a minute, that's a good question
and we took the boys trick or treating.... i think they had fun even though
they don't look too pleased, and we
are enjoying the candy. What a fun night. 

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Rachel said...

Those are good DI costumes! Way to go!