Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making Memories of Us

It all started with an idea...
I wanted it to happen, but wasn't really sure that it would.
but in fact, it all worked out perfectly.

It was a date
But it was not just any date
It was a surprise date.
A date that you dream about,
imagine, wish and goo over
One that you cross off your list of things you want to do before you die.

It started with
snuggling our sweet little boys in bed,and giving them some kisses and  saying some 'i love you's'

we grabbed the camera and then....
wrote out who we would
want to have as guardians over our boys if we were to die...

and then we did it......

Thomas and I went flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My rad cousin Ryan  took us up on his plane. He is such an awesome pilot....

Here is our plane...
Isn't she a beauty?? This is my new found favorite plane in the whole entire world
Once we saw the plane, we both got super duper excited and just knew this was
going to be totally wicked!

We got in the plane, got all buckled up and got all the gear on :) 
This made me feel professional.
Amatuerly professional that is.


Take off was such a thrill. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning 
when the engine roared and we sped along the runway. (the edge of
a hay field)

I'm pretty sure I talked a little too much, and screamed a little too loud, a little too often,  but OH MY GOSH, how was I supposed hold it all in?

There were a couple times when yes, I was scared for my life. Like when Ryan raced us along/on top of the river, and turned with the bends. Ya that more than a thrill. That one scared me.
But I would do this all again in a heart beat. In fact I want to go again, like
right now. 
Ryan let Thomas drive for a while. He loved it.
He thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's harder
than it looks though. He did sooo great! Who knows maybe, we will
make a pilot out of Thomas yet.
This is our house, and barn, and hay. Just look at it! eeeeeee
Birds eye of our place! (Vanderhoof BC). Thomas swathed these fields,
pretty straight rows huh? :)

Ryan is an amazing pilot. Seriously.
He is really confident. Probably too much. We would get so incredibly close 
to ground level at what seemed like impossible speed. It was such an
amazing feeling to see the trees zoom by so fast.
In one long and flat field out at Hart Lake ( my uncles ranch of about 5,000 acres)
Ryan took us super low and then right before the trees he pulled
up SO FAST. My stomach went I don't know where, and
I screamed. and screamed. and screamed.

I have never felt that in my entire life. I couldn't 
keep my eyes open, so I would open and close them every half second
in the middle of screaming and kicking my legs.
 It was terrifying, but the biggest thrill of my life.
Thomas held my hand for about 90% of
the ride. Even though he was in the front, and I was
in the back. He reached back and I squeezed 
his hand pretty hard almost the whole time.
He only complained once when
I think I was starting to hurt
his hand. Sorry hun!

I couldn't get enough of being up in the air like that. There was a little
bit of turbulence at one point so we waved up and down,and oh my 
gosh I HATE/ LOOOVVEEE that feeling. That butterfly flittering
every which way in your tummy feeling.
I felt great the whole time, in fact better than great. I felt AMAZING!
Near the end however, Thomas got pretty queezy and 
when we landed he almost threw up.
He loved the rest of it though. It's too bad we did lots of turning
at the end, otherwise I think he would have been fine.
All in all it was totally amazing. It was a perfect date and the best thing for us. It was so great to get out of the house and get to do this.We haven't had a chance to do all that much while we have been up here, because the weather has been SO crappy. Rain rain and rain. So lots of time has been spent inside. I am glad we got to make this memory together though.  We are soooo thankful to Ryan for taking us. (Free of charge at that !) Oh man, I could go on and on about this. But all good things must come to an end right? Maybe? Debatable I guess. It took me forever to calm down from rush of it all. I was pretty excited and my adrenaline was running for a long time afterwards. It was almost weird being on ground and walking again. but anyway.
I love flying!!!

Hopefully we can go again one day. Maybe next year ?? :)

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