Monday, August 8, 2011

Happenings Lately

We went swimming in  Prince George Saturday before last (July.30th I think) The boys absolutely loved it. We put on some life jackets, and the boys just laid on their back and floated around. They were so GOOD. We took them in this river part of the pool and the just floated and were content as can be. It was lots of fun.

Then we we met up with who we thought was just going to be Mom, Janae and Tyler, (Janae's Fiance) at Red Robin. But ya to our surprise Teija and all the kids were there when we turned the corner to head to our table. Talk about a surprise, such an awesome one at that. So the last week or so we have had the house full, and lots of fun chaos.

Today we went over to my cousin Karli's and enjoyed the sun. She put up a slip n' slide for all the kids, and their were a bunch of other families too. It was so fun and nice to get out and do that. We have also been horse riding some and fourwheeling. All the guys have been working working working. Since its finally nice out, haying season is in full force, and I don't see Thomas all that much, but its ok. I'm glad he has work. :)

It was Thomas' birthday last week. We had white cake and chocolate frosting and he got a 4$ pair of jeans from me, a game called 'the office' from Tyanna, and M&M's and a sunday shirt from Mom and Dad. Oh and I also got him some froot loops. It as a good day. I took him to the new Harry Potter movie Matinee for 5$ then we went to dinner, then my sister's baseball game. Such a fun day. It was so good to spend so much time with him.

Layton has another bottom and two top teeth coming in, and Kasen's top two are coming in too. They have also had bad coughs to when Teija first got here they were incredibly needy and whiny. (Sorry everyone!) They are feeling better now though, thankfully.

Kasen LOVES the water. He is our little swimmer. When we put him in the kiddy pool he is content for a long time. and just 'swims' (army crawls) around in it. I hope he always likes it, like he likes it now. He is such a content little guy. So chill. He is crawling everywhere now too. He crawls exactly how Layton started crawling too. Army crawl all the way. He sure is a joy in our little family. He has got this hilarious cheezy grin. It cracks me up and his laugh is so contagious. I just love his hugs and snuggles. He is really happy first thing in the morning and kicks his legs and throws his arms every time I come over the crib to get him.

Layton is EVERYWHERE. He crawls up the whole stairs before I can blink. He pulls himself up on chairs and couches and walks along them. He crawls so fast sometimes and just can't sit still for long. He is just a little character. He's got such cute smiles and his are the kind of eyes that just shine. Love it. He enjoys when I read him stories lately . When he was sick last week, he was incredibly needy and wanted me to hold him all the time, so I read to him more often then I usually do.  I always know hes really not feeling good, when he wants to be held. But now he is going full force again. Layton used to like being in the water a little more, but seems tentative with it lately, and doesn't want to be in it. Maybe it's just a phase, who knows?

I love my family sooo much. I can't imagine my life without them. They are my everything. 

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