Sunday, July 17, 2011

Value Village Deals!

So Thomas and I are really cheap. We need to be and have to be and are ok to be for now. Usually Value Village is even too expensive for us, but when it's 50% off.... well then, it's a different story. I got some AWESOME things...

Firefighter rain Jacket for the boys, that is totally awesome and brand new as well. I thought one of them could also use it as a Halloween costume. It has a hat hood too, and buckles up. It's pretty cool. 5$


Skirt 4$  

4 Hoodies for the boys- 2$ each.

Two pairs of jeans and 1 pair of shorts for thomas- 4$ each

Adorable Blue and Yellow Baby bumper for crib.. I didn't really NEED it (we taped a blanket to the crib so Kasen wouldn't hit his head so hard so often and it worked), but this was 4$ and seriously mint condition. Like new.

Jean Dress for Me :)- 4$
Jean Skirt- 4$

Grand Total:50$.

It seemed like a lot at first, but then I admired all of the stuff I got, and I think that I did pretty good. Thomas needed new jeans, and shorts, and the boys desperately needed some sweaters, I'm gonna have to get the boys' a halloween costumes anyway so the rain jacket was perfect, cause it will serve two purposes and that baby bumper was too good of a deal to pass up. The dress I got, I probably shouldn't have, but mom forced me. Haha. and I really wanted the jean skirt cause it fit me perfect and it will be perfect for things that you need to dress up a little but not a lot, but plain jeans would be too casual (casual wedding receptions, visiting teaching, or church meetings at someones house) anyway.

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Teija said...

nothing better than a good deal! jealous of the skirt and jacket so cute!!