Friday, July 1, 2011


I cut the boys' hair on June.24th. (Their 9 month Birthday) Their hair was pretty long and needed a cut, but it took a lot of persuasion until I finally caved and did it. Kasen's hair was especially long! I didn't want to cut their hair at first. I felt like I was betraying them in some way. I know weird I thought that, but I did!

Layton's Before pictures.
and I didn't get a picture of JUST layton after I cut it.


Both of them! I think it turned out pretty good. Not the greatest picture quality but thats ok!What's goin on over there? I love this picture. The end.


Marissa Gwilliam said...

So cute! I'm the saem way. Maia needed her mullet trimmed so badly but I felt way bad to do...I eventually did and am so glad because now she looks even cuter! Your boys are growing up so fast! Sheesh!

By the way- it's really hard to comment on your blog and you might want to make it easier by going into your settings and changing the comments to a pop-up window.

Anyway- can't wait to see you guys soon....I guess for Janae's wedding will be the next time. How sad that we only saw you once in between your wedding and now Janae's. That is going to have to change when we live closer! ;)

KaYla said...

They are so cute!!! Did you keep some hair for baby books? I hear that its a trend.

Great job!!