Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Classic Kasen Pose. He loved the swings. When he would swing back towards me I would make faces and tickle him, and he was just laughin and laughin. These boys have giggles then they have deep full out belly laughs. It cracks me up! Look how happy he is!Of course Layton loved the swings too. He loves anything where he is moving or getting tossed or thrown. He has got some love for craziness.

Kasen was starting to get tired. You can totally just see it in his eyes when he gets tired.

Staring at the ground.
Sure enough he WAS tired. He totally passed out to the swaying motion of the swing.
This is what lots of sun and playing outside and in the water does to a little boy. There is something so precious about a baby sleeping isn't there?

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