Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spray Park

How much more blessed could I be? Healthy, strong, great little boys. I LOVE taking them to the park and playing outside with them. They get grumpy being inside all day, and are happy as can be outside. Sure wish we had more nice days.
Layton playing at the spray park. The water was pretty cold, but he actually didn't fuss about it at all. He loved it.
Me and Kaso! He's got a serious look on his face!
This is the boys and their friend Ty. They are only like 5 weeks apart (ty is older). Is it just me or are my boys a little on the chunky side? Look at Layton especially. What a fat baby! haha. LOVE IT! You would think Layton would have thinned out a bit since he is SO active and crawling everywhere, but nope, he is still packing away the pounds.
I gave them some watermelon and the rhines to eat/chew on. Kasen was extremely satisfied for a long time chewing on that thing. Probably felt good on his teeth.

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