Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bananas and things.

Yesterday my mom bought a huge box of bananas for five bucks, because they were starting to get old. So today... I made 4 loaves of banana bread and 107 banana oatmeal cookies. I am all banana'd out for the day! haha. We still have soo many left so they just went in the freezer and we are saving them for some future banana cream pies and banana smoothies and things like that.

I also watched Tacey today and had my boys too obviously. Tacey is always an angel when I watch her, but my boys had a hard day. hahaha seems to be happening quite a bit lately. Blame it on the teething I suppose. Kasen's first tooth cut through June.3 and Layton's two bottom one's cut through on the June.4th and 5th. I guess they are still getting more.

Layton fell off the two steps going into the living room today on his walker, and his little teeth cut his top lip. His mouth was full of blood and I felt soooo bad. It was scary and I cried, but he is fine. I was afraid he wouldn't take the bottle or eat, but he totally did and I am so grateful for that. He is no longer gonna be using the walker unless chairs are in front of those stairs, and I am in the room at all times. It's so not worth it for him to get hurt. He loves it though and cruises everywhere. I am usually so cautious when he is in it, but came to write an email to the admissions office at school. Long story, but ya just having some difficulties trying to get on fast grad. So I was in the office writing the email trying to argue about why I should get accepted to the fast grad program, and I came out just as he fell down the stairs. So sad.

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