Friday, July 23, 2010

Forgive Quickly! Kiss Slowly!

*Several times a day tell her that you love her
*Kiss her frequently before and after work or school and when you go do bed. Not just a peck! Plant one on her!
*Take her on a date at least once a week. No exceptions! There are always things you can do that don't cost very much!
*Not matter what, sometime around the noon hour, call her on the phone and tell her how important she is and that you love her!
*Come home and help with the evening chores. She has worked all day too!
*Keep yourself fit, clean and well groomed for her!
*Remember and don't forget important dates!
*Confide in her and seek her advice
*Occasionally give her unexpected gifts!

*Keep yourself physically fit and well groomed!
*Tell him he is handsome and that you love him!
*Leave him notes once in a while!
*Remember and do that things you did to land him in the first time!
*Try hard to keep your home clean and tidy!
*Look your best for him, escpecially when he comes home from work or school!
*Don't critisize him! Make him happy that he is at home!
*Keep his mind where it should be by always serving eachother!
*Occasionally give him unexpected gifts

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