Saturday, June 26, 2010

Preggo Pics and Update

So here are my first preggo pictures!!! I have been so blessed to not be very sick. I was some in the first trimester... but im in the third now, and i'm not really having any problems. Except my siatic nerve sure goes out and hurts really bad sometimes. We have been so blessed, that I have been able to start a new job at the information desk/lost and found on campus. It is SO SO SOO much better than working on the grounds crew... i don't miss it at all. Especially with it being hot out and we had been doing sod .. ugh.. not fun. I wish I got more hours, but it's ok its 100x the working conditions.. and i'm doing really well and I like it. There is only four more weeks of school left.. three weeks of classes and 1 week of exams... then it's off to CANADA... I can't wait! Gonna be one long probably uncomfortable ride... but totally worth it.

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