Sunday, September 18, 2016


Today I was thinking about what is important in life. Lately I have been so focused on working a lot, taking care of everything and getting things done. I took a moment today and thought, when i'm old and retired what am I going to want to remember. What am I going to cherish and be grateful I did. I don't think working and working is one of those things. I am still going to keep working hard but I was thinking about how i'm not going to remember anything when I am old if I don't write things down. How much am I going to hate myself and regret not documenting things. Why are the most important things so hard.

Here are some highlights of our lives lately.

-Thomas quit his job at the hospital. It was a little bitter sweet for him knowing he would never take xrays again possibly, but he is so glad to be done at the same time. I am loving him actually being home. Things with the business are going well! In August we more than doubled sales from July and were technically able to pay ourselves more than double what hes making at hospital so we decided to focus on the biz and get rid of the hospital. Also, he will be able to come to church on Sunday every week and actually be able to do his calling better in Elder's Quoram Presidency. It's a big change and a leap of faith, but we know we will be taken care of.

-Leah is growing sooo fast and so much. She is now 16 months! She her 4th bottom tooth just popped through and she has no top teeth! She is soo busy! Unrolling toilet paper, throwing everything, dumping everything, climbing the drawers, climbing up on top of the counter, throwing things in toilet, and taking everything out of drawers. oh and into the dishwasher and playing the piano.

-The boys started Kindergarten. It's been a huge adjustment. They are loving it.

-Kasen loves making friends, the bus and recess.

-Layton loves making friends, being good and learning spanish

-Their birthday is in one week!!! I can't believe they are going to be six! it blows my mind. I'm working on planning their party and getting everything put together for them!

-The other day we pulled into a driveway of a really old run-down house so we could turn around (we forgot something at the house). It was like barely liveable, in fact it may have been abandoned. It had a wheel chair ramp going up to it. We jokingly said "boys this is our new house! Do you like it?"
Layton says, "It's the worst ever"
Kasen says, "I kinda like it. You know cause like you don't have to step up the stairs, you just walk up."
It was so funny

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