Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All about Leah

My little sweetheart had her first birthday! Leah you continue to be the perfect little angel you always have been. You are literally the most beautiful little girl i've ever seen. You are so easy to get along with and so happy all the time. You are just content most the time, even though you are starting to definitely want things you can't have! You walk around like a champ and are getting faster and faster every day. I'm sure you will be running in no time! You are done nursing now and take a bottle at night. You love your lamb, you music playing owl and your teddy bear, as well as your coral pink blanket. You also LOVE shoes. Every morning after I change your diaper you go through your bin on the bottom shelf and try to find shoes. You are constantly trying to put on everyone else's shoes. It's so cute. You sleep all night every night and still take two naps a day, but i'm starting to wonder if you will start going to just one nap here pretty soon. You are so friendly. You go to everyone. The other day at the boys soccer game you found a sweet old grandpa, and backed yourself up right into his lap. He didn't mind though, he got a kick out of it and liked holding you. You just sat there contently in his lap for a long time. Your favorite other people (besides your family) are Somer our neighbor and Stephanie (mommy's friend). You LOVE to be outside. You always want to be out there, which has proven to be more challenging lately since if your in the front you walk to the middle of the road, if your in the back you climb up the stairs to the deck and then up the ladder to the top of the slide. If you are not doing that the puppy is attacking you or you're playing in the garden. Your favorite foods are grapes, watermelon, strawberries (really any fruit), peanut butter, pasta, meat and chips! You also love books and are always bringing me books for me to read to you. Your favorite books are "All Better" and "Touchy Feely Animals". You also like the Muddle and Match books.

For your birthday weekend a bunch of Daddy's family came to town. Grandma Nelson, Natalie, Adam, Mari and your cousins Luke and Ivy came up from Utah. We went shooting at Aunt Trisha's on Saturday morning and then we came back to our house and did your party. It turned out great. We had bbq pork sandwiches, salads, chips and lemonade for dinner. Then a big storm came in and it got really windy, which was kind of a bummber because it had been a gorgeous day all day. We moved the party inside and sang happy birthday, and let you go to town on your cake. You LOVED your cake and it was the funnest and cutest thing ever to see you get so messy and dive into your cake. I love how the cake turned out. I used two small glass containers to bake the cake in and then did one on top of the other. We frosted it with bright pink frosting and pink sprinkles.

After cake we did presents. You got a bunch of new clothes, dresses and pajamas from me and Daddy. Kasen gave you a tea set, and Layton a butterfly head band thing. Grandma, Stephanie and Natalie got you a kiddy pool and a teddy bear that you love, and you also got a big pink princess ball from Adam and Mari. Aunt Trisha gave you her high chair and clothes!

It was a great day and I am so glad have gotten to be your mother for the last year. I love you more and more every day. We all do.

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