Saturday, May 21, 2016

Super Saturday

We had fun today at the super saturday activity. We had a nursery provided so that was nice. I let the kids play there for a couple hours and then I took them to my friend Stephanie's place to play since I knew they would be bored soon and Leah needed to nap. I had made a soup the night before and Thomas turned it on before he left for work at 6:30 am. I took it to the church at 10:30 so it could finish cooking, but ya i put it on the "keep warm" setting and not on the low setting, so it totally wasn't ready to eat for lunch. The potatoes were still crunchy! Good thing there was plenty of soups, so the lack of mine didn't make anyone go hungry! Thank heavens! When we got home from the Super Saturday activity and I picked up the kids, Leah took a nap and Layton and I watched two episodes of the "Kids Baking Championship". It was so fun just me and him watching it together. He LOVED that show, and wants to be a chef now and make all kinds of things "all by himself"!

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