Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Life

Me: Layton make your bed buddy
Layton: ugh!! I don't want to....!!
Me: Why not? You used to love making your bed.
Layton: I don't know ...... i'm out of control!!! Seriously, mom, I'm out of control!

Today we made a huge fort in the living room. It took up the entire living room. I've discovered that using sheets is so much better than blankets. (it only took me 5 years to figure out). They are lighter and stay on chairs/cushions better. The boys were pretending and using their imaginations as usual. Today Kasen was going camping and after bringing in his sleeping bag, back packs and books into his "tent" he goes "darn it, I gotta get my gun" so he goes and get's his nerf gun. Then he tells me, " Ok mom now I can protect my campsite.

Layton was "going hiking". He was so cute with his back pack on, fire fighter hat,  fishing pole and baseball bat. haha. Eventually after walking around he decided he needed a different campsite away from Kasen's. Well we built another one but then I connected them and they thought that was pretty cool that they were connected but separate at the same time.

I think Leah is a momma's girl. She sure lights up even if I just walk by. It makes my day. She Sleeps from 7-7 with one feeding before I go to bed around 10. We borrowed a jumper toy thing from a friend, but she can't reach the ground yet so can't jump. She's such a darn cute little thing. She needs to start eating some rice cereal and stuff but I just want her to stay little so i've kind of been avoiding it. We've tried it a couple times with apple sauce. She hates it so far.

Thomas' job is getting a bit better. It depends on the day. There is one lady who is seriously out to get him, which makes things rough sometimes.  She is power hungry, self centered, rude and acts like the queen bee who wants to control everything and everyone. When she's not around though things are good, so he likes those days.

I am still loving my teaching. I have definitely felt the hand of the Lord in my life as I have been trying my best to teach my students everything they need to know. Yesterday we did our blood draw final competencies. They have to draw blood succesfully and they have three chances to do so. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my students got it on the FIRST try. I seriously can't even tell you how proud of them I am. There were a couple students that I was a little worried about them not getting it within three times, but they did perfectly. It's so cool to watch them start out so scared and worried, and then after practicing and with my help they learn and now perform these different lab skills so well. I love all of them. I don't know if I am ever going to like a class as much as I do this one. My class is full for next semester already, and i'm kind of excited to start a new semester in some ways. I will feel much more organized, knowledgeable and know how to run things much better. This semester has been such a learning experience, which sometimes has been extremely hard, but also rewarding at the same time.

Everything with buying our house is going smoothly so far. I am SOO excited to move in and have our very own home. However, I also feel like I don't even believe like it's happening and i'm not sure I will believe it till we are actually moved in! Less than a month away! yipeee! It will be awesome to be in our home for Christmas!

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sally said...

Love the new photo!! Such a heart-full, aren't they? Such an answer to prayer to read of all the blessings God is showering on your faithfulness, Kayla.