Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I picked up mom this morning. She and Dad were in Idaho Falls since Monday, but since Dad had to stay there for the rest of the week, she took the Salt Lake Express Shuttle to Ogden and I picked her up this morning. She came to help clean and pack this week so that's been really nice. My parents sacrifice so much for us kids all the time. We are grateful to them for everything they do for us. The boys are loving having Grandma here and listening to all of her stories. She told the boys one last night about" two boys named Kasen and Layton that got lost in the woods, and a bear found them and gave them a ride home. They hung onto the bear's fur super tight so they wouldn't fall off, and later after their parents didn't believe they rode a bear home they had fur in their hands as proof of their adventure." haha. Grandma always tells the best stories!

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