Monday, July 13, 2015

Fish Farm

We have been having a lot of adventures lately and we are all so much happier. It's completely worth it to get out there and enjoy things even if you have to spend some. Making memories are worth it. This fish farm is just a couple of miles from our house. We went there with they boys pre-school last October, but then I kind of forgot about it! Thomas had the day off and we went back and had a lot of fun. You can buy fish food for 25 cents and its like a full dixie cup and it lasts a long time. We brought our fishing poles to just to check out what the rules and costs were. After seeing the cost, if you catch one, we decided we weren't going to fish, but then the boys wanted to SO badly and it really did look like a lot of fun, so we gave in and we let them. This is such a cheating way to fish, but oh well!

Best friends forever.
 Layton was loving running around looking at everything. He is still such a go go go little boy and we love that about him!

There is me and the boys in the distance! This is a really pretty little place!

Leah of course did great. She just sat in her little carrier and looked around, smiled lots and then eventually fell asleep nice and cozy in mommy's arms.

But not before we snapped this adorable one of her! Gosh she's cute!!

Let the fishing begin!
(ya how could you NOT catch a fish with those thousands swarming around!)

Kasen caught his first, rather quickly I might add. He was SO stinkin excited. This kid is such a nature/animal lover. So holding the fish was no big deal. He was all about it.

Pleased as punch. So EXCITED!

There was no way Layton would touch the fish though. He would rather keep his distance and just look at it. He was more interested in giving me crazy poses for the camera.

Layton caught one too, but I caught it all on video, and then he wouldn't pick it up so that's why we don't have any of him with his fish! 
I gotta say Kasen takes after Daddy and Layton after mommy in this situation. Me and Layton love to fish but hate touching them, and eating them. Yucky. lol. Good thing we have Kasen and Thomas that like to get their hands dirty when it comes to fishing!

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