Saturday, July 11, 2015

Camping Trip

We had the best time camping the other day.  I so wish I got more pictures. I know I need to live in the moment and just enjoy it all, but I also want to have a physical copy of our memories since my memory isn't so great!

When we first got there we went straight to the lake. We had so much fun. It actually got really really windy shortly after we got there, but it was fine because it gave us waves, the water was warm, and it kept Leah cool.  Thomas got to try out his snorkeling gear I got him for Father's Day!

The beginning of the waves starting to get bigger.

Mr. Kasen playing in the sand!

So much fun!!

Not the most flattering, but here I am on our camping trip. :)

I love this picture because all the boys are just circled around Leah just talking to her and hanging out. Oh and check out our new tent we got off KSL. It's a 6 man tent and oh so spacious. A little bigger then our two man tent we've been using haha!
 Thomas woke up early to go fishing and came back and found the rest of us like this.......

and this..........

and this...... 
haha! How was I asleep with all that hair in my face! Drives me crazy just looking at it!

 Oh and also, Leah was AMAZING! She slept good. Especially when we were all swimming. She just sat in her car seat and slept for a few hours both times we went down to the lake. It was cool enough out that she was content as could be.

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