Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

We had a great father's day weekend. :) Thomas worked 9-3 on Saturday and when he got home we packed up and got ready to head down to Riverton. Before we left though I had to give him his father's day gift. I got him a snorkel set, which sounds nerdy, but he wanted one for a long time. I got the boys goggles too. Then I printed out some pictures of Leah to hang up, and I also interviewed the boys with a bunch of questions about there Dad. I will have to post that later! He loved ALL of it. :)

 We headed down to the Hackwelll's (Thomas' aunt and uncle) and we visited and went swimming at their neighborhood pool! It was really fun. The boys seriously love their house because they have a play room and a ton of cars. They have been begging me everyday since to go back. After the Hackwell's we went and spent the night at Aaron and Marissa's. We went to church with them and then went and visited Thomas' grandparents, so they could meet Leah. Looks like we didn't get one with Great Grandpa though.
 After the grandparents we went to the Garner's who is Thomas' adopted family.  Laura is like a second mom to Thomas, and we got to see a bunch of his best friends (who now are my friends too). We were so happy for Nate getting married to Nicole. They are a great match.  We loved seeing Will and Caitlin, Dan and Carly and of course, Laura and Chuck,

Will, Dan and Momma Laura

Laura meeting Leah. 
Kasen found a snail as he was out exploring. They have a full acre of land, and a huge playground, so the boys kept occupied. It sure was HOT though.
 After the Garner's we went to Richie and Rachel's. Then after that we headed to Tari's. We had an awesome father's day dinner there and got to see his all my in-laws. It was good to see everyone.
 Happy Father's Day Thomas! This picture just shows how great of a Dad he is. Two kids on his legs and on one over his shoulder!! haha!

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