Monday, June 1, 2015

1st week at home.

Things in our neck of the woods are going pretty good. Most of these pictures are from our first week home with Leah.

Grandma Lily, fulfilling her grandmotherly duties. Lot's of snuggle time.
 I love this picture of our sweet girl.

This is my absolute favorite outfit of hers. Thanks Teija! It's so adorable.

This little outfit is one that my sisters and I all wore when we were babies. When I was going through some clothes and my mom saw this she couldn't believe that these little jammies were around! I think it's pretty special that Leah is wearing something that I did. Really cool.

Sweet girl! Eyes wide open :)

This one looks like she is about to do a 80's workout DVD. haha

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Teija said...

cant wait to see her in person!!!