Monday, May 4, 2015

Everything Baby

31 Weeks                                                32 Weeks                                                    33 Weeks

          35 Weeks                                                                                         37 Weeks                                                           

Well I have made it to 37 weeks! Phew these last few days I have really been feeling it. By the end of the day I am sore and tired and my feet hurt. I've been trying to move more and have been walking quite a bit the last week or so. I am SO excited to meet our little girl. It's really quite a roller coaster of emotions. I really feel like everything is going to be ok. I have confidence in my decision to do a VBAC, and I have faith in my doctors and the hospital i'm delivering. You know that phrase that "faith and fear" can't exist at the same time. I get the sentiment to it, but I feel like I am living every day that way. I don't know how to NOT feel nervous and freaked out and a little fearful.  However, I try to push past those feelings and concentrate on optimism and faith and excitement. I feel very ready for our little miss to come. Literally, any time is fine for me! I have a doctor appointment so maybe I will have some more updates then.

One day she will have her own room and her own closet, but for now she is stuck with us!  I've got her shelf all ready. We've got onesies, pants, jammies, socks, shoes, blankets, head bands, bows binkies, diapers, wipes,  nursing pads and covers, car seat cover, teddy bears,  and everything else baby on this shelf. Thanks Aaron and Marissa for giving it to us, it's been a life saver.

Then a lady in our ward offered for us to borrow that darling little bassinet! It's like brand new and in amazing condition. It's beautiful and even rocks. She's gonna be so cute in it! Now that everything is set up in our room, I feel like she should be here. I can't wait to put her in all those adorable clothes!

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