Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pizza Man Joyschool

Today we we took all the Joy School kids to "Pizza Man", which is a local pizza store. They showed us how to make the dough. It was actually really cool. This huge mixer can mix a ton. We did 40 lbs worth of dough and it was like 1/8th full. Pretty sure it can mix a couple hundred lbs. I should have asked.

They got to share wearing little chef hats. So cute!

Layton liked the colorful one!

Each kid got to make their own little pizza. They felt like such big kids and they did a great job!

Pizza Man Steve. He is the owner. He was super helpful and great with the kids. He was always asking them questions and seeking opportunities to help them and talk to them. What a nice guy! This is my kind of joy school. I have kind of discovered i'm not really a "kids person". It's quite the challenge and it's hard for me to find a ton of joy in teaching and watching and cleaning up after and helping and disciplining 6 three and four year old kids, so this was a nice outlet to not have my house trashed and chaotic for an hour of preschool!


Teija said...

I hear ya sista!!

sally said...

How fun for the kids!

It is a difficult balance to teach children while still not enjoying the upheaval that naturally occurs with having a group of them around. I am still that way.