Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Childhood Friend

Today we met up with an old childhood friend, Emily Allred and her two little boys Grant, and Jackson. Janae came to and we all met at the park and had a great time catching up while trying to prevent fights, sand eating, poop stepping in, and about anything else possibly gross at a park from going into Jenna and Tara's mouths.....they are at the age where they are magnets for anything yucky on the ground! haha Too bad we didn't get a picture with Emily, it was all of just our kids!
 It was a really awesome park with a duck pond, lots of acreage to run, a nice paved walking trail and playground of course!
 Here are all the kiddo's! 
Emily has BIG kids! haha. Grant (who is sitting by Layton) is a whole year younger and Jackson (sitting by Tara) is just 1 month older than the girls. Yes, our kids aren't big to start with, but ya that's what happens when Emily's husband is 6 foot 9?!

Those girls always have the most serious faces, it cracks me up! Tara has become quite my little follower. She comes to sit with my any time i'm sitting or comes to me and wants me to pick her up quite frequently. I love it!

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