Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mini Reunion :)

A couple of months ago Janae (sister) asked me if I could watch her daughter Tara while she took Jenna for a check up appointment in Portland at Shriners hospital. I thought up the idea that I should come with and we could make a little trip out of it and stop in Boise and Oregon!
Within a couple weeks we found out my parents were moving down to Tri-Cities so they would be in the area. Then we found out my niece was getting baptized in Boise that weekend. Then we found out my sister from Canada was going to come down that week. Then since Tyanna and family, Aaron and his family decided they would come to Boise to see everyone. So it just so happened that it worked out that everyone in our whole family (except Amron and Lana.. .we missed you guys!!) was going to be in Boise at the same time. 20 kids and 12 adults gave us quite the number to feed and sleep. Lindsey was such a champ to host all of us. Teija and her family, and mom and dad slept elsewhere so that made sleeping arrangements a bit more manageable, but it sure was fun! Here are some or most? of the kids watching a movie, so adults could do game night.

So fun to see everyone!

We were so glad to be there for Bryn's bapstism. She is such a sweet girl who always tries to do what is right. She is really mature and thoughtful of others and looking for ways to serve. Love this family!

The whole gang of us. Wish Thomas could have come, but he had to work that whole weekend.
On the Saturday afternoon we all went and played baseball, which was so much fun. Even Grandma played. Then we took the kids to the park to play for a while. The weather was perfect!

Here are some? most? of the grandkids again! I think we are just missing the five 1 year olds.
 Sisters amd Mom!

 Sisters! and little Tacey.. .and Lindsey (pretty much sister :)

All the siblings and Mom and Dad. Just missing Amron!

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Ranae Broadhead said...

brents parents live like 45 min from tri cities. fun!