Monday, March 23, 2015

Cousin's Visit

The dinosaur park is one of our favorite places to go. We were so lucky to have cousins Bryn, Brock and Cal stay with us overnight while Ezra and Lindsey took Elise to primary children's for a bunch of appointments. Not the best quality pictures... oh well. We sure love having family in town!

Kasen and Layton loved running here, there and everywhere and showing their cousins all the awesome dinosaurs and the ins and outs of the whole place. Brock is a dinosaur lover and so they were all in complete heaven. We also brough quarters to get some fish food and feed the fish. A little duck came and ate out of our hands. Cal was scared at first but if I held him he liked to watch.

The museum part really is cool. 

Every time we come I really can't get over how huge this mammoth skeleton is. It's seriously ginormous!

Cute kids. Pleased as punch.
The boys ask me almost every day when Bryn and Brock are going to come back to visit.
They all were in such a dinosaur fantasy the whole time they visited. They drew probably 40 papers worth of dinosaurs, and eggs. They all had "special eggs" that they took care of and pretended to steal from each other. They played dinosaurs all day. We also all went to the boy's  Joy school Thursday morning. We made kites and ate green eggs and ham, learned about doing things by ourselves and read stories. I think the kids all had fun.

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Teija said...

so much fun!! We will have to go there whenever we finally get down to visit!