Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chalk Art

Man oh man we are loving this warm spring weather. None of us are all fond of the freezing cold or the super hot, so this is perfect! I bought some sidewalk chalk for the boys and we spent a couple hours drawing and coloring. Even I had fun. Of course Kasen wanted a T-rex :) I know i'm quite the artist.... no need for praise...! (sarcasm)

I tell you what though, I think Layton has got quite the knack for art. He likes detail, and is dedicated to making his work just the way he wants it.  I traced his body and then he made the rest just how he wanted. In his words, "I want to do it the way I want to do it."
Kasen basking in the sun, wanting me to trace his body! I don't know why but he just looks so big in this picture!
 In the past Layton has been our baseball boy, but Kasen seems to be more into lately. He is a pretty darn good hitter.
 Layton drew our whole family all by himself. I'm loving seeing him drawing new things from his imagination. This is what he had done so far.... He even included "our baby sister."
O.K. seriously. Layton asked me to draw him a house the previous day on a piece of paper.  He must have had the image in his brain still, cause he drew this completely by himself. I didn't even know he was drawing it until I walked by and said, "Oh my heck Layton did you draw this?" and he gave a simple "yup. it looks good huh?"

 I don't think i've ever seen anyone's eyes disappear as much as Layton's do when he smiles :) Look at that happy little guy!

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