Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Christmas!

Our Christmas day was perfect. The boys woke up at 8:00. Came in our room. We snuggled and looked out the window to see 6 inches of fresh snow..... A Christmas Miracle!!
Then we just took the day easy. Shoveled some snow. Played with the boys.
Perfect. Then we headed to Grandma Nelson's for dinner and games. Fun day.

The boys were all kinds of excited... They got Boxing gloves.....

Spider man coloring book......

New bikes.... (thanks grandpa... we went in on them together)

Ice Age... dawn of the dinosaurs i think.... which the boys did not care about at all... haven't even watched it yet. but got it for 2 bucks on black friday.

Lincoln Logs which someone actually gave them last year, but we saved it for this year.

Ezra and Lindsey gave the boys this train set! They LOVE it and played with it for hours on Christmas!

Grandpa and Nana Nelson also gave Kasen a dinosaur he's been eyeing for month and layton got a semi car carrier with monster trucks too


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