Thursday, September 25, 2014

The things kids say....

The other day after going to the bathroom Kasen yells, "Mom! Looks it's a big turd, just like me!!!"

We were on a walk and Layton always runs way ahead of us. That kid loves to run. So he was way up ahead and we were yelling for him to wait up and he turned around, and with clenched fists and scrunched nose he yelled, "I am getting my exercising!!!!!"

The boys were in the tub and Layton asked if I could find his batman motorcycle. He said it was down in the toy box and I told him I didn't want to go find it. He said, "Mom, if you be good and find it, you can get a donut!!" (funny part is I don't even care for donuts all that much, but I do sometimes bribe the boys with the donuts so they be good in Walmart)

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