Monday, June 23, 2014

The Second Coming

Joseph Smith- Matthew 1:4 contains questions the Savior’s disciples asked Him. Verses 5-20 contain the answer the Savior gave to their question regarding the destruction of the temple, and verses 23-55 contain His answer to their other questions concerning His Second Coming and the destruction of the wicked. Read Joseph Smith- Matthew. Then fill in the following chart. After each item you list, write the verse number where you found that item

Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (JS-M 1:5-20)
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (JS-M 1:21-55)
Events to Occur
Many shall deceive (6)
Hated of all nations (7)
Many be offended (8)
Betrayal (8)
False Prophets (9)
Iniquity (10)
Abomination and desolation (12)
Great tribulation (18)
Great sorrow (19)
Tribulation and unbelieving (21)
False Christ’s and Prophets (22)
Deceit (22)
Wars and rumors of wars (23)
Famines, pestilence, earthquakes (29)
Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom (29)
Iniquity (30)
Love of men wax cold (30)
Abomination and Desolation (32)
Sun shall be darkened, moon not give light, stars fall from heaven, powers of heaven shaken (33)
Promises to the Righteous
He that remaineth steadfast shall be saved (11)
Those days will be shortened for the elect’s sake (20)
He that is not overcome shall be saved (30)
Those who treasure his words will not be deceived (37)
Be gathered together (37)
Made rulers of goods (50)

2. Study 1 Nephi 22:16-22; Doctrine and Covenants 97:22, 25. Then write a statement that would give hope to a person who worries about the second coming.
Our Heavenly Father will preserve the righteous by his power. The righteous need not fear, for they shall be saved. The righteous won’t perish, but he will prepare a way for his people

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