Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Lord's Kingdom

What indications can you find that suggest why the young man decided not to follow the Savior? The man was sorrowful because he had great possessions. He didn't think it worth it to give up all that he had.

How does Matthew 6:19-24 help explain his choice?  The man found worth in the wrong places. He put his treasures into worldy things and because he was rich, it was too much of a sacrifice for him to sell everything that he had.

What blessings did the Savior promise to those who make sacrifices to follow Him? The Savior promised that they could inherit everlasting life and receive an hundredfold

Based on the Savior’s response to Peter, write a paragraph that could help you put the Lord first in your life (see also the additional details in Mark 10:17-31)  I think that the best way to put the Lord first in my life is to have him be at the center of my home and life. Constantly working on Christ like attributes like love, compassion, understanding, patience and virtue will allow me to center my home and family on the Lord. By being obedient to all of the commandments and having my mind and soul centered on Jesus Christ and His life will help me put the Lord first. Serving those around me and going to the temple are other ways that help me to put the Lord first in my life.

Review the parable in Matthew 20:1-16 and consider what rewards come to those who serve in the Lord’s Kingdom. 

     The Hours the                         How much the man       Hours               How much they were 
Laborers where Hired                    agreed to pay            Worked                  actually paid
  Early in the morning                           1 penny               twelve hours                  1 penny
     The third hour                                  1 penny               nine hours                    1 penny
     The sixth hour                                  1 penny               six hours                      1 penny
     The ninth hour                                  1 penny               three hours                  1 penny
   The eleventh hour                              1 penny               an hour                        1 penny

What do we learn from this parable about serving in the Lord’s kingdom? It doesn't matter when in our life we have joined the church. The reward will be the same for those who are obedient to the commandments and honor their covenants. Although, a person may join the church at 80, they are still eligible to inherit the kingdom of God just like someone who joined when they were 8. Just because you were a worthy member longer, doesn't matter. The reward will be the same for those who are faithful, not matter the amount of time that they were.

What message of comfort can this parable have for converts to the Church? This parable allows converts to the church to know that they can have all the blessings that anyone else can have. Through their own personal obedience and faithfulness a convert is just as equally able to have eternal life and live with God again.

What would you tell someone who feels it is unfair for each of the laborers to be paid equally? They should not feel jipped, but rather happy and excited that someone found the gospel-even if it was later in life. Also, I would never want to feel like it was unfair for someone to receive the gospel later and not "have to" be obedient to the commandments their whole life. I am SO grateful for the opportunity that I have been blessed with to have the gospel for my whole life. To me the sacrifices aren't sacrifices at all but blessings. I'm glad other will have the same blessings I can have, and i'm glad i've been blessed to it have it my whole life.

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