Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Last Couple Month

This is a list  i started drafting last month and then forgot about it. Probably not that exciting, but I'm record keeping so ya...So these last couple months have been quite the adventure. I'll need to post everything separately with pictures, but for now I just need to write it all down so I don't forget.
March.20.Thomas graduated and the same day we find out the house we are living in is sold and we have to be out by April.20th
March 21- We headed to Ezra's  and Lindsey's (my brother and SIL) in Boise to watch their four kids while they went on an awesome cruise!! So happy they could go. So we had 6 kids for ten days. It was fun though, and wasn't as bad as might sound. In fact, it was pretty fun, and they have GREAT kids.
March. 31-We headed home that morning, and then my parents came a few hours later. They stayed all week.
March.31- Got official letter saying when Thomas could take registry exam.  He crammed all weekend.
April.1- Got a call for a per diem job interview in meridian idaho the next day
April.2- Off to Boise, Thomas did interview, went to temple and lunch with my parents
April.4-Parents left
April.5-6- General Conference
April.7-Thomas tooked the exam and PASSED!! AWESOME!
April.8- In contact with a promising looking job in La Grande OR.
April 10- La Grande job in on hold for financial reevaluation etc. So a no go for now. We decide to put everything in storage and go travel/stay with family until we find a job. We decide we will move out Monday to save money on rent
April 10-13. PACKING, oh and i'm still in school and working on final projects and papers.
April.12- Last day of semester for me, cranked out a power point final in two hours and got 120% lol. my teacher loved it
April.14- move out. clean out. gone. sad sad sad day
April 15- BOISE
April 16- Saratoga Springs Utah time with Thomas' mom and family.
April 17-20 Gunnison Utah, horse back riding, capital reef (awesome) fun time for easter weekend
April. 21- First day of new semester for me (10 credits), spent day with my brother Aaron and family, Went hiking by draper temple, had bbq, played basketball good times

It's now midnight and I should go to bed. But midnight seems to be my new 10:00, :( I have so much to catch up on, i thought i would start with this post

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Jessica Hall said...

This is my kind of catch up post! Hope things are settling down for you guys now :) Good luck with the new job and let me know when you're free to hang out sometime.