Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Bike Ride of the Year

Daddy got their bikes all fixed up! They were in their pajamas already, it was dark outside, and we were about to put them to bed, but these die hard bike riders were heart broken when I told them we would ride our bikes tomorrow. We caved and let them take their bikes for a little spin on the back patio. They were SO excited. So here they are in their first ride of the season attire. They are best friends. Their favorite thing in the whole world is riding their bikes, especially with me or Daddy. Keep it up guys, your getting so fast and starting to do little tricks! It's so funny, Layton's one training wheel slips sometimes so I have to carry the socket wrench with me every time we go out so I can tighten it up if it loosens (probably just needs a new washer). He is always checking on his bike and making sure all the tires are spinning. It's so cute he gets down on ground level and checks it all out, and pushes it back and forth. He looks like a kid mechanic, and is always concerned about it working or not. We love having the paved river trail across the street. We spend hours out there and are going to miss it when we have to leave.


Janae Trogdon said...

so awesome! your boys are too cute and growing so fast!

Lex-a-roo said...

I can't believe they are riding bikes already. They are growing up so fast!