Monday, March 17, 2014

These boys like.....

I shared these pictures on facebook a while back, but here they are again. Kasen LOVES dinosaurs, and Layton LOVES cars, trucks, trains etc.  They sleep with these toys every night. The boys are so into "their" likes. They are in this phase too, where Layton loves red, and Kasen loves green. We hear (multiple times a day) from Layton that he likes red, and cars, and if Kasen plays with a car he yells, "You like dinosaurs!!!!" Or if Layton picks up a dinosaur for a second Kasen yells, "You like cars!!!" It's like they can't overlap each others "likes". Layton wears red everyday, and Kasen wears green everyday, (with the exception of the brown dinosaur shirt for Kasen, and the blue monster truck shirt for Layton). They will also tell me, "Mom, Kasen likes green, Layton likes red, Daddy likes blue, and Mommy likes yellow." It's like this rule that we cannot like any other color. I've started trying to explain that I like all the colors, or that it's ok for us to like multiple things like cars AND dinosaurs. Haha, anyway, it's kind of a cute little phase.

The other day I put a dinosaur documentary on for Kasen. He. Watched. The. Whole. Thing. completely into it. I've never seen a 3 year old into documentaries, but he sure was.

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Teija said...

That is hilarious! that he watched the whole thing, sounds like Brock! They both love dinosaurs so much!